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The Secret Chamber



The discovery of a mysterious rune leads your team of archaeologists to an unknown Egyptian tomb. Searching through the tomb, you find nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly you trigger a secret door. With nothing to lose you bravely march forward…


Maximum Players: 8

Best Experience: 4-6

Escape Rate: 27%

Key words: Egypt, Adventure

 Mission: Z



Team, we have been informed by our secret agent that our scientists have been captured and forced to create a bio-chemical weapon-Zuranium. Your mission is to rescue all the scientists and bring back the weapon. Time is running out, we are counting on you!


Maximum Players: 6

Best Experience: 4-6

Escape Rate: 18%

Key Words: Secret Agent, Espionage

The Half Treasure Map



Ahoy, you salty sea dogs! The Half Treasure Map has been found. We are seeking a seasoned crew to find the treasure in the long forgotten Cave of the Dead. It is not for new pirates (we lost many naïve first-timers). So serious applicants only…


Maximum Players: 10

Best Experience: 6-8

Escape Rate: 23%

Key Words: Pirate, Treasure Hunt

Event: Murder Mystery

( Coming Soon )


8D Murder Mystery is a 3-hour duration live-action game! Each participant  plays a roll related to the crime. You only have limited time to investigate the crime scene and to find out the secrets that other suspects are hiding. But wait, one of you is the real murderer…


Players: Private games only

Suspects win Rate: ???

Murderer win Rate: ???

Key Words: CSI, Murder Mystery